This is the day when events are organised all across the globe in order to spread awareness about environment toward people and to get attention of political bodies to protect nature and planet earth. WED is celebrated on 5th June 2021. On this day you must need to give a contribution to planet earth by planting a tree and to share world environment day wishes, messages, images or slogans with your friends and family members.

After doing lots of research we are finally manage to prepare the collection of best wishes on environment day, you surely going to love it. And don’t forget to share on social bookmarking sites include whatsapp, facebook, twitter and so on. World Environment Day wishes

World Environment Day 2021 Wishes

1. Earth is like our home and we must make efforts to keep it clean and green…. On the occasion of World Environment Day, let us promise to make it a better place to live!!!

2. We cannot imagine life without environment…. We cannot imagine success, money, prosperity without environment….  It always comes first and we must take charge of making it our priority…. Wishing a very Happy World Environment Day!!!

3. World Environment Day is a reminder that we must take good care of our surroundings. Let us make a promise to make our planet greener and healthier place for us to live and enjoy life!!

4. The best that we can do for our coming generations is that we save the environment for them.

5. Let us take a pledge to make our environment healthier and greener on World Environment Day.

6. The onus of saving our environment is on us and World Environment Day is a reminder.

7. “Let us celebrate the occasion of World Environment Day by working together to save our planet from everything that harms it. Warm wishes on this day.”

8. “Earth provides us with everything that we need and therefore, we must take care of it with all our efforts. Wishing a very Happy World Environment Day to all.”

9. “Let us make it a memorable World Environment Day for our planet by coming together to make our planet a cleaner and greener home for everyone. Warm wishes on this day to all.”

10. God has gifted us with Mother Nature who nourishes us at every point…. And the responsibility of saving Her lies on all of our shoulders….. On World Environment Day, let us promise to fulfill this responsibility!!!

11. Do not pollute water, land, air and environment because once it is lost, it is lost forever….. Sending warm wishes on World Environment Day with a promise to take care of our environment.

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Environment Day Messages

Environment Day Messages Images

12. Let us give our coming generations a healthier and happier environment to have a beautiful life… Best wishes on World Environment Day.

13. World Environment Day will keep reminding us of the wrong we did to our environment and the right we need to do to correct it all.

14. It is our responsibility to keep our surroundings clean and green and we all must make the best of the efforts to do so, to save our Mother Earth and live happily. Happy World Environment Day.

15. We must join hands to save our beautiful planet as there is no other place in the universe so beautiful, so vibrant and so lively. Let us be more responsible. Happy World Environment Day.

16. On the occasion of World Environment Day, let us pledge to work hard in making Earth a greener and healthier place to live. Let us come together to plant more trees and spread greenery.

17. “A very Happy World Environment Day to all my friends. Let us protect our environment to make our planet a happier place to live for generations to come.”

18. By caring for the environment, you care for yourself and for your coming generations. Let us be more responsible towards our environment to make it a better place. Happy World Environment Day.

19. On World Environment Day, let us stop harming the nature, let us stop polluting it… Let us join hands to bring a positive change to make Planet Earth a much healthier, greener and happier place to live.

20. Save the trees our ancestors planted and plant new ones as a gift to our coming generations…. This is the best way to have a greener environment….. Make World Environment Day more successful by planting more trees!!!

World Environment Day Slogans

Celebrations of World Environment Day come with a promise to save the environment and the world.

If you will pollute water, you can never expect to find clean drinking water. Save environment and save our planet.

Those who ignore their surroundings will soon have to face the agitation of Mother Nature…. Let us act and take care of our environment.

“Earth is our home and we must work hard to keep it protected and green. Wishing a very Happy World Environment Day to everyone.”

“The occasion of World Environment Day reminds us of our responsibilities towards our planet. Let us wake up and make it a healthier and happier place.”

The occasion of World Environment Day remind us that Earth needs to be protected and must stand together to protect it. Warm wishes on this special day to everyone.”

“We must aim for a greener, cleaner and healthier environment for our planet because it is our home. Wishing a very Happy World Environment Day to all.”

“It is quite strange that we have to fight with our own people to save our environment. Wishing a very Happy World Environment Day to all.”

We claim Nature to be our Mother but we never take the responsibility of caring for Her.

Harmony with environment is the need of the hour.  With discord, we will soon be left with nothing in our hands.

Never blame environment but always blame yourself for not taking care of the most precious gift God gave us

What should be our first priority is sadly the last one….. Always keep environment before everything else!!!

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Hope you enjoyed our collection “World Environment Day 2021: Wishes, Messages, Images, Slogans“, how you show your contribution toward planet earth? Do let all know via comment box below and happy world environment day!