Vishveshwarya Jayanti in India – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

Sir M Vishveshvarya, also known as Sir Mokshagundam (15 September 1860 – 14 April 1962), an extraordinary Indian civil engineer and statesman. He was also the 19th Diwan of Mysore, serving from 1912-1919. He was honored with Bharat Ratna in the year 1955. His birth anniversary i.e. September 15 is celebrated as Engineer’s day all over India every year to honor him and engineers all over the world. However, September 15 is celebrated as Engineer’s day in some parts of Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Sir MV was the Chief Engineer of Krishna Raja Sagara dam in the north-west suburb of Mysuru-City, he also served as one of the Chief Engineers of the flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad. Here is the detailed information on Vishveshwarya Jayanti.

Vishveshwarya Jayanti

Vishveshwarya Jayanti in India – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

Vishveshvarya Jayanti: Initially, Vishveshvarya was working as an assistant engineer with the Public Works Department of Bombay, later he joins the Indian Irrigation Commission. He designed and patented a system of automatic weir water and floodgates, it was first installed and tested in 1903 at Khadakvasla Reservoir near Pune. It helped in raising the storage level in the reservoir to the highest point without causing any damage to the dam. It was after the success of these floodgates that the same system was installed at Tigri Dam in Gwalior and Krishna Raja Sagara in Mysore.

Vishveshvarya became famous when he designed a flood protection system to protect the Visakhapatnam port from sea erosion. He also gave his technical advice for Mokama Bridge at Bihar over the Ganga river when he was 90 years old and by then people started knowing him by the name “Father of Modern Mysore state”. 

Vishveshvarya was born in Telugu Brahmin family in Muddehahalli village, Chikkaballapur district of erstwhile Mysore state, now Karnataka. He graduated from Central College, Bangalore with a degree of Bachelor of Arts and then he attended engineering college in Pune and received Licentiate in Civil. Engineering in 1881. Later he completed his Ph.D.

Date of Jayanti – September 15

September 15 is celebrated as Engineer’s day every year all over India with huge enthusiasm. Engineering committees and student committees organize functions, lectures, conferences, and games including quizzes, competitions, etc. at school and colleges in order to honor Sir M. Vishveshvarya. Engineering companies also celebrate Engineer’s day to honor the engineers, their work, and their capabilities. They make our life so much easier by their inventions.

We use engineering everywhere from our mixer in the kitchen to satellite in space. We honor and appreciate their work on this day by organizing events and seminars for them. Engineers have given so much to the world that we should facilitate and honoring them more.

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