Vasant Panchami in India – Date, Importance, Celebration

The farmers celebrate the arrival of spring on a large scale. People from regions of Tripura, West Bengal, Orissa, and Haryana commemorate this day with great enthusiasm. People take off from work for a day and enjoy quality time with their friends and families.

Vasant Panchami Date

Vasant Panchmi Celebrate in 2020: January 29, 2020

Vasant Panchmi Celebrate in 2021: February 16, 2021

Vasant Panchmi Celebrate in 2022: February 05, 2022Vasant Panchami in India 2020

When is Vasant Panchmi celebrated in India?

Vasant Panchmi is celebrated on the fifth day of the month of Magh, according to the traditional Indian calendar. It marks the beginning of the spring season alongside the end of the winter season.

How is Vasant Panchmi celebrated?

Saraswati is a Hindu goddess; she is worshiped on the auspicious occasion of Vasant Panchmi. Young girls participate in festivals wearing a beautiful bright yellow dress. Yellow signifies the vibrancy of life and brilliance of nature. During the festival, the whole place is filled with yellow. People offer yellow flowers to each other and pray to gods and goddesses. A special sweet named “Kesar Halva” is prepared, which is made from sugar, cardamom powder, nuts, and flour. Saffron is added to give the finishing touch. It provides a vibrant yellow color alongside a mild fragrance. At this time, the Indian fields are filled with yellow mustard flowers. Devotees place their study material, pen and notebooks near goddesses feet before using them to get blessings from the goddess Saraswati.

Symbols as symbolized by the Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati blesses her devotees with learning and intelligence. Her four hands symbolize alertness, intellect, mind, and ego. She plays a musical instrument named “Veena” with her two hands and carries lotus and scriptures on the other two. She signifies purity through her white dress. She has a swan meaning the necessity of having an ability to distinguish good and bad things. The lotus on which she sits symbolizes wisdom. A scene depicting her sitting over a peacock gives a reminder that knowledge can take over a strong ego.

Vasant Panchami History

According to many popular beliefs, Vasant Panchmi has its origin from the time of the Aryan period. Aryans crossed the Saraswati river and settled in India with many others. Most of the development during the Aryan period occurred alongside the banks of river Saraswati. River Saraswati was thereby associated with knowledge and fertility, marking the beginning of the celebration.significance

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Another popular belief associated with the festival and Goddess Saraswati is related to Kalidasa. Kalidasa was married to a beautiful princess, but she discarded him and kicked him out of her bed when she got to know the fact that Kalidasa was a fool. It had a significant impact on Kalidasa, and he went out to commit suicide. Goddess Saraswati emerged before Kalidasa did so, and she asked him to take a dip. As Kalidasa dipped into the holy water, Goddess Saraswati granted him the knowledge, and Kalidasa began writing poetry. From that day, Goddess Saraswati was worshiped as a goddess that give learning and education.


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