Valentines Week Days List 2022

The whole Valentines week before Valentines day is committed to the celebration of love (Valentine week). It’s the most beautiful week of the year. Take a glimpse at the love week : 

Valentines Week Days List 2022

1. Rose Day February 7th, 2022 Sunday
2. Propose Day February 8th, 2022 Monday
3. Chocolate Day February 9th, 2022 Tuesday
4. Teddy Day February 10th, 2022 Wednesday
5. Promise Day February 11th, 2022 Thursday
6. Hug Day February 12th, 2022 Friday
7. Kiss Day February 13th, 2022 Saturday
8. Valentine’s Day February 14th, 2022 Sunday

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

The day gets its name from a great Saint.

The famous belief about Saint Valentine is that he was a Catholic priest from Rome in the 3rd century. During that time, marriages were banned by Emperor Claudius II as he thought that married men were terrible soldiers. And all the Roman soldiers should dedicate themselves to Rome. But St Valentine began to unite these soldiers with their loved ones by arranging marriages confidentially as he thought it was unfair.

When Claudius found out about these secret ceremonies, St Valentine was imprisoned for his violations against the law. There he fell in love with a blind girl who was the jailer’s daughter. His reputation for believing in love started up from this time. Some legends say that he cured the girl of blindness.

Later on, he was sentenced to death on 14th February. Before being executed, he sent the girl a letter that was signed “From your Valentine.” After 200 years, 14th February was declared as St Valentine’s Day. This belief in celebrating Valentine’s Day has been going on since that time. It has evolved over some time, and people come up with unique ideas to celebrate this day and also to make their loved ones feel special.Valentines Week Days List 2022

Significance of Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is acknowledged as an important religious, cultural, and commercial celebration of romantic love and romance in many countries around the globe.

On 14th February, people across the world celebrate love, admiration, and friendship. It is a festival of love. Every year on this day, people exchange flowers, chocolates, red roses, and also send lovely messages to their loved ones. It is the day to make promises that one keeps for an entire lifetime. In every part of the world, Valentine week connect lovers. It is one of the few things that people all over the world celebrate together. It is the power of love that connects everyone.

The whole concept to celebrate an entire week dedicated to Valentine’s Day is to take out some extra time to make your loved one feel special. Each day has a particular value. People go on romantic dates and also celebrates the beauty of love. A lot of people get married on this day. Valentine’s day is supposed to be the best day to express your love towards your partner in the most peculiar manner. So, plan your week and spend some time with the love of your life.

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