Diwali, Deepavali or Deepawali, is considered to be the biggest and brightest festival of all the Hindu festivals. Here you are going to learn easy and best diwali home decoration ideas. People also refer it to as the festival of lights. The word “Deepawali” here means Deep – light and avali – a row, together it means a row of lights. Diwali is celebrated with a four day celebration, which lights up the whole country with the festival’s joy and lights. The festival of Diwali falls in the month of October to November. It occurs on the 15th day of the Kartik month. All four days are celebrated with huge enthusiasm. But the sense of goodness in people and enjoyment remains constant all across the country. Let’s light up this Diwali with some whole new do-it-yourself decor ideas. Following are some ideas:

Top 5 Best Diwali Home Decoration Ideas That You Must Try

Here are the top 5 best diwali home decoration ideas that you surely need to try. Best part, very easy to make.

1. Thread Lanternsdiwali decoration

First of all, mix some glue with a little of the water in a bowl. Put the whole of yarn in it and keep it aside for some minutes. Then, take a blown-up balloon and start winding the yarn all around it tightly and randomly till you get the desired pattern. Let the glue dry for some hours. When it all dries off burst the balloon and pull it out of the lantern. Insert the string lights in it and hang it up anywhere you wish.

2. Bottle Lightsdiwali decoration with bottle

We have found fun new ways to make use of empty wine bottles, this Diwali. Save them to light up your interiors along with some string lights. All you have to do is put the lights inside the bottle and close them with a corkscrew. Now you can simply place them on the table or along the stairs to give the room classy lighting.

3. Lights On Trees

The easiest way to decorate the garden is by winding string lights over the plants. An extension cord can help with the lighting and the whole area will be transformed into a party-perfect setting. This is my all-time favorite Diwali home decoration ideas.

4. Paper Diya Hanging

Folded accordion lamps could be made just so quickly by basically folding square pieces of paper. Glue the opposite ends of the folded paper and add the flame just like you do with the paper lamps above. So if you are looking for the amazing ideas for Diwali decoration then don’t forget to try these Diwali decoration ideas at home.

5. Hula Hoop Chandeliers

This is the perfect Diwali decoration ideas for living room. These lights work very well both indoors and outdoors. They are also perfect for a quick party decor while you are at it. All you need will be to get a hoop to twine the lights. So, this year, try this Diwali home decoration lights to get a glam look for your house.

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