Top 5 April Fools Day Pranks Jokes of all Time

Top 5 April Fools Day Pranks Jokes of all Time

Here we have the list of easy to perform 5 april fools day pranks jokes, you surely going to love it.

1. Creamy deodorant

This April Fool’s joke will wreak havoc and could irritate your intended victim, but it’s mostly harmless. Begin by “borrowing” his or her deodorant when they’re not looking. Twist the deodorant bottle at the bottom until only two inches of deodorant pops out. Replace it with cream cheese, which you sculpt and form with your hands after removing it with a spoon. It requires time and imagination so it must be believable enough that your mate would not hesitate to stick it into their armpits. Prepare to hear a bloodcurdling scream emanating from the toilet if you do it correctly.

2. Who’s Taking Up All the Space in the Bathroom?

Build some fake lower legs and feet using shoes and pants filled with towels, depending on how many stalls are available at the communal bathroom on your floor. Place them in the stalls until the workday starts, and watch as your teammates get increasingly irritated that every toilet in the bathroom has been used for the whole day. When the situation gets intolerable, leads the coworkers in a revolt against the bathroom squatters.

3. Office with Tin Foil

For a cause, this is a classic April Fools’ joke. Covering everything in someone’s office with aluminum foil requires a lot of skill, and it looks fantastic when you’re finished as if you’ve transformed their desk, screen, and lamp into some sort of exotic alien workstation. But, following the big announcement, it’s also simple to get things back to normal.

4. Make Kittens out of All of Their AppsApril Fools Day  Pranks Jokes kitty

If you have access to a friend’s or coworker’s phone, just visit the website Iphoneception and change all of their smartphone shortcuts to cute kitty faces. For someone who isn’t a great fan of cats, this is a really cruel April Fool’s joke. Still, at the end of the day, who can be angry with an adorable cat?

5. Soap for Mac And cheeseApril Fools Day  Pranks Jokes

If your kids fail to eat well, this April Fools’ joke could just persuade them to do so. It seems to be a tasty plate of chicken nuggets, but as they bite into one, they’ll discover it’s a cleverly disguised bar of soap. They’ll remember the sudsy mouth feeling and realize they should’ve had the fruit salad instead. (Yes, this April Fool’s joke is a little cruel, but belief be hurt.)

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