Teachers Appreciation Week ideas for everyday

Teacher’s day or Teacher’s appreciation week is an important event for students and teachers. Globally Teacher’s day is celebrated on October 5, but in India, it is celebrated on September 5 which marks the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvapalli Ramakrishnan who is considered to be a great teacher and an honorable man who spent his whole life in teaching students. Students used to go to Dr. Ramakrishnan’s home for celebrating his birthday. He asked the government to celebrate and name the teacher’s day on his birthday, this would be a great honor for him. Teachers Appreciation

Teachers Appreciation Week ideas for everyday

Teachers should be appreciated and thanked for the whole year and not just for one day or one week. However, the Teacher’s appreciation week should be celebrated to shower them with love, respect, and honor. It can be celebrated in many ways. Different activities could be done on different days.

Students could make a giant thank-you card made by the contribution of all the students. They could host a special lunch or breakfast for school teachers and if there’s enough space they could invite parents and school authorities too. This could be financially supported by the school authorities. 

Students and authorities could start a “Teacher Feature” on the school website. They could select a teacher for every day in Teacher’s appreciation week and they can write a write-up on them where they could write about the profile, teachings, quotes as well as good things about that teacher. They could also write about that teacher’s hobbies, philosophy, and education. Also, they could publish an interview with teachers about their experiences. 

Students could plant trees or flowers on school grounds honoring their teachers. They could also ask about their favorite book and can gift them. Certificate of Appreciation can motivate teachers to keep up the good work. So students and schools could present them “Certificate of Appreciation”.

Schools could hire a massage therapist to give teachers head massages, foot massages, hand massages, etc. Students could vote for their favorite teachers and at the end of the teacher’s appreciation week, they could pool their votes and appreciate the most loved teacher.

There are many interesting activities to do for this week, Students could ask their teachers to complete the phrase, “If I had only one wish, it would be______.” Students can work in groups and prepare for a skit, singing performance or a dance performance in order to entertain and honor the teachers. Special assemblies and seminars could be conducted to appreciate the teachers.

Students could ask their parents to write a special thank you note for teachers and their experiences with the teachers in mending their child. 

No matter how you celebrate teacher’s appreciation week or Teacher’s day, the most important thing is to respect and honor all the teachers, and not just for a day or a week but for a lifetime because teachers are the building blocks of life. They help us with being good and educated human beings. 

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