Teacher Appreciation Week – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

Teachers mend the lives of millions of students every day, their immense hard-work and dedication move us beyond words every day. In today’s scenario to we are moved by the teacher’s dedication towards taking online lessons, teaching students with wholehearted dedication. In these challenging times too, we should truly recognize their efforts.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

While we should appreciate our teachers daily, during Teachers’ appreciation week, we should shower them with love and effort. We should encourage them for their hard work and capabilities to manage everything.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a week-long celebration of recognizing teacher’s efforts and hard-work for contributing knowledge, education, and skills. This week provides an opportunity for the students, parents, principals to appreciate their teachers. Teachers receive gifts, cards, and video messages from their students. 

Teachers play a vital role in framing and shaping children’s minds. They’re kind, patient, understanding, and dedicated. This week is the time to say to them “Thank You” for their immense love, care, support, and believing in us.  

In India, we celebrate teacher’s day September 5 every year marking the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvapalli Ramakrishnan who was a teacher himself. Teacher’s day is considered to be a nation-wide celebration in the whole of South Asia to celebrate, honor, and appreciate the teachers for their hard work and efforts. 

Teachers appreciation day is celebrated nation-wide in all schools and colleges. Schools and colleges organize different events to honor and felicitate the teachers. They conduct competitions such as essay writing competition, post making competitions, they conduct seminars, skits, and dramatics to appreciate and entertain the teachers. Students prepare cultural and modern dances and songs, skits, dramas, comic skits, and presentations to make teachers happy. 

Many college and school authorities treat their teachers in the form of conducting special lunches or evening snacks for them. And after that conducting night or evening parties for Teachers’ entertainment. 

Teachers are felicitated by the authorities as they are honored with awards and recognition for their commendable work and efforts. They are awarded in their field of expertise. Different awards of expertise are distributed such as expertise in science, art, literature, craft, politics, life, counseling, mathematics, etc. 

Students prepare cards and handmade gifts for their teachers. Teachers would always love their student’s efforts in these cards and gifts.

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Teachers are considered equivalent to God therefore they should be honored, loved, and respected for whole year and life and not just for one day or one week. We celebrate Teachers’ appreciation week to shower them with love and make them feel extra special this week.

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