Sargi in Karwa Chauth – Date, History & Significance

A tradition or the love of one’s partner, Sargi Karwa Chauth is an occasion for all the couples and unmarried girls also celebrated mostly in North India. Hundreds and thousands of women get all ready and decked up with all the ornaments and solah shringar to look like beautiful brides. This year Karwa Chauth will fall on November 4th. It is one of the most important festivals for Indian women. They get ready and dressed up like new brides with all the accessories and new mostly red clothes.Sargi Karwa Chauth post image

Sargi Karwa Chauth – Date, History & Significance

Karwa Chauth is generally celebrated 9 days before Diwali and it falls on the fourth day of Karthik month according to the Hindu Calendar.

Digging into the history pf Indian mythology, Karwa Chauth is one of the most important festivals for Indian married women.

Earlier it was only observed by the married women. They fast for the long, healthy and wealthy life of their husbands. They pray for their husband’s well-being. They go without food and water for whole day from sunrise to sunset. However, these days we see that men came a step forward to and broke the tradition by fasting for their wives too which is a good thing as a relationship and love should be two-sided.

Not just this, many unmarried girls also fast in hope of getting their desired, handsome and loving husband.

Symbolizing the love for each other, the occasion of Karwa Chauth remises love and romance between husband and wife.

This beautiful occasion starts when the married women who fast all day take bath early in the morning before sunrise and eat sargi given to her by her mother-in-law. The sargi thaali is prepared by her mother-in-law in such a way which gives her strength and energy to fast for whole day from sunrise to sunset.

Sargi is the food that’s eaten by the woman who fast through the day, after taking a bath in the early hours of the morning. This food is prepared by her mother-in-law. The sargi has both sweet and savory dishes. The sargi thaali includes pheni or meethi sawaiyyan, fruits, coconut, meethi mathri, dry fruits, mathri, parantha, sweets, and tea/juice.

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Sargi holds a lot of importance om the occasion of this festival. Karwa Chauth is incomplete without sargi. This pre-dawn meal isn’t just about the food eaten in the wee hours of the morning. It signifies the love and blessings from mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law.

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