Rose Day 2022: Date, Importance, Why to celebrate?

Rose Day commences Valentine’s week. It signifies the beginning of the love week. On this day, lovers showcase their love to their partners by giving each other with a red rose. It is a preparation done by the lovers to set the scene on Propose Day, which is right the next day. On this day, you are free to buy as many roses as you want for the one you love. This day is a symbol of love, and one can propose their loved ones by giving a red rose or a bouquet full of roses.

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Rose Day 2022 Date

Date Facts: Rose Day remains the same every year

Rose Days 2022 Date: Sunday, 7 February 2022

Importance of Rose Day

The rose is the sweetest smelling flower of all. It will always spread positive aura around. A bouquet of roses and a single rose has its significance in its way if you give a single rose to someone, which symbolizes how grateful you are to have that person in your life. A blooming flower is a reminder of love, passion, respect, purity, and peace. If someone presents a bouquet of red roses, it symbolizes their love and passion for you. It also indicates that you mean the world to them, and they wish to possess a special corner in your heart. It is a quiet way to express your love and say, ” I love you” to someone without speaking anything. The rose acts as a bridge between two hearts that are beating for love. It connects two souls and makes them one.

Rose is the only bloom that is so unique and special. It can make someone pour their hearts out with so much affection. From centuries ago, this bloom is considered to be the emblem of peace, deep love, friendship, admiration, appreciation, and much more emotions.

If your heart beats for your best friends, you can tell them your feelings by presenting a yellow rose! You can tell them how much they mean to you and how incomplete you feel without them. It will symbolize the love that you share with them. The yellow rose is a symbol of friendship. You can make your best Amigos smile by giving them a yellow rose and win their hearts! After all, the love week is all about making your loved ones feel special.

One should never forget to give a white rose to the ones who gave them birth! Because they gave us the chance to live this lovely life. A white rose signifies peace and purity and tells them how grateful you are towards them.

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Why we celebrate Rose day?

The Greek mythology states that the red rose is the favrouite flower of the Goddess Venus, who is the goddess of love. So, we celebrate Rose Day to cherish the best moments in our lives and also to make our loved ones feel special. This sweet gesture will make them smile throughout the day! So, plan for the week and celebrate the whole week of love. After all, the first day of the week is the most important.

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