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Ramadan Festival – Date, History, Importance & Celebrations

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is Ramadan Festival and it is a holy month when Muslims across the world observe fasting and praying for a month.

Ramadan Festival – Date, History, Importance & Celebrations

Here you all need to know about Ramadan festival.

Ramadan Day Date Facts

2019 Date: Sunday, May 5 – Monday, June 3

2020 Date: Thursday, April 23 – Saturday, May 23

2021 Date: Monday, April 12 – Tuesday, May 11


Muslims believe that all scripted was revealed during Ramadan, The scroll of Abraham, Torah, Psalms, Gospel and Quran have been handwritten on first, sixth, twelfth, thirteenth and Twenty- fourth Ramadans, respectively. According to the scriptures it is believed that throughout this period, the devils are locked up in chains in hell and nobody can come in the way of true prayers and the almighty.


It is a time of spiritual reflection and worship and increased devotion. All across the world Muslims will keep ‘Roza’, A holy fast from sunrise to sunset for the sake of God and to offer more prayer than usual. Before Roza they eat a pre-fast mea early morning, which is called ’Sehri’ and fast throughout the day by not eating or drinking even a drop of water. . And then after the sunset , they gather in their house or mosques to break their fast, which is called ‘Iftar’. The Iftar meal usually begins with dates or apricots and water or sweetend milk. Five daily prayers are observed everyday in sunrise, noon, afternoon, evening and night.

Charity or fixed percentage of person’s savings is required to the needy ones without expecting anything in return. During this period of time people let go of the pleasures and also do not indulge in any kind of insulting, lying, fighting, consuming liquor or smoking. People wake up early, dressed up in their finest clothes and spend the rest of the day peaceful with their family and friends.

The end of the Ramadan fast is celebrated as ‘Eid al Fitr’ which is one of the major religious holiday for the Muslims.

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Wishes for Ramadan

– May this Ramadan be as bright as ever in your life.

– May Allah bring you and your family peace and happiness this Ramadan.

– May the spiritual blessings of Allah protect you and your family.

– Wishing you and your family all the blessing and good wishes of the holy month.

– I hope you find courage and triumph over adversity this Ramadan.

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