There are days when we feel some things that we just cannot find the correct words to express. Though those conflicting feelings might not go away completely but are reduced to some extent when we share them with people. We normally do this by writing some meaningful words on our social media or sharing related mood off dp as well. We are here to give you the words for writing those sad mood off dp and status messages that say it all.

Mood Off dp and status messages

        mood off dp

  1. Sometimes, a sad soul can kill faster than poison.
  2. It’s never the tear that measures the pain, sometimes it’s the smile we fake.
  3. A million words wouldn’t bring you back. I know because I tried. Neither would a million tears bring you to your Senses. I know because I’ve cried.
  4. It is not the pain. It’s who it came from.
  5. Walking on rocks hurts, walking on glass cuts, walking on hot coals, burns. But walking on someone’s heart kills.
  6. You will never know the power of yourself until someone hurts you badly.
  7. Time does not heal all wounds; there are those that remain painfully open.
  8. So it’s true when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.
  9. Every life has a measure of sorrow, and sometimes this is what awakens us.
  10. The flower bloomed and faded. The sun rose and sank. The lover loved and went. mood off dp
  11. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. Then hopefully oneday, you’ll feel a little bit less alone in your struggles.
  12. The only thing more exhausting than being depressed is pretending you’re not.
  13. I am never mean to animals. They treat me better than people.
  14. Sometimes people have to cry out all their tears, to make room for a heart full of smiles.
  15. I will wait till the day I can forget you or the day you realize you can’t forget me.

  16. It isn’t the bad memories that make you sad, but the best ones that you can’t bring it back.
  17. The time we have spent together will always be in my heart. I miss you.
  18. You should not have to rip yourself into pieces to keep others whole.
  19. I thought I could not breathe without you but I found out I was wrong.
  20. Letting go seemed to be the hardest part, untill I found out it was moving on that actually pained more. mood off dp
  21. A relationship ends when our love and care for another person becomes a bother for that person.
  22. Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.
  23. It’s sad when someone you know becomes somebody that you used to know.
  24. Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.
  25. I wish I could give you my pain just for one moment so you can understand how much you hurt me.
  26. It’s sad how sometimes happy memories are the ones you want to forget the most.
  27. The worst part is not knowing what went wrong.
  28. When grief is deepest, words are fewest.
  29. No one stays for you. Everybody stays depending on their need for you.
  30. Expectations are the cause of all dissapointments. mood off dp