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Mood Off DP and sad status messages in english for whatsapp

No one wants to be sad or have their mood off. But like night compliments day, sadness compliments happiness. when your mind and heart are overwhelmed with such gloomy emotions, it is only right to share your sorrow. To help you do that, we have for you 100 mood off DP and status messages for your WhatsApp and other social media that will get your emotion through.

  1. I feel that these days I am missing something from my life.
  2. No one will understand ever how much it hurts.
  3. Truth hurts for a little time, but lies hurt for a lifetime.
  4. Trying to forget you is more difficult than to remember you.
  5. The greatest pain comes from loving someone who hurt you the most.
  6. You are the best thing I never had.
  7. One night I light up a fire to all my thoughts.
  8. It’s better to be alone so that no one can hurt your feelings.
  9. My nights were long when my days revolved around you.
  10. The most painful moments are those that are never said and explained. mood off dp
  11. Be ready for tears if you fall in love.
  12. From the outside I am smiling that does not mean I am happy.
  13. You never come, still, I am waiting for you.
  14. In life sometimes you have to smile to hide your fears and laugh to hide your fears.
  15. There is no happy ending to a love story, there is always an anti-climax.
  16. My silence does not mean I’m okay, it just means that Its not worth the talk anymore.
  17. The hardest thing to do in life is to delete old messages sent by your lover.
  18. I hate the moment when my anger turns into my tears. 
  19. Never let the pain from your past punish your present and destroy your future.
  20. How can you stop yourself from loving someone and end up hurting yourself?
  21. My love is not like you, that changes every day from one person to other.
  22. I am waiting for the day that I can forget you.
  23. Sometimes, I want to hit pause tilll I find somebody who really cares for me. 
  24. My heart always blames me for my sadness because I love a heartless person.
  25. I will not stop caring for you, I will go if you decide to push me away.
  26. Expression of your eyes can be read, It’s impossible to read the depression of your heart.
  27. Pain is not for a day of missing your loved ones.
  28. Pain, in reality, is the pain when the person values the ego more than the relationship.
  29. You cannot control anything that is happening in your life.
  30. It’s easy to love a heartless person, but it is not easy to get some love from a heartless person!
  31. I am tired of feeling sad as it hurts when someone breaks your trust.
  32. You’re used to being alone then it difficult to start from the beginning.
  33. Apologies mean that you value your relationships more than your ego.
  34. My mood if off. Please come back later.
  35. I will always care for you when we are not together.
  36. I did not lose you, however, you have lost me. You may be searching for me in everyone, sadly you won’t find.
  37. You can learn from the worst times in your life that make you get ready for the best times in life.
  38. I guess, it is the end, we will go separate ways. Still, I hope I can find you in my life.
  39. Crying is the only way to express your sadness, sometimes the mouth cannot speak what your eyes can.
  40. It sounds easy to move on, however, I died a thousand times to appreciate this phase. mood off dp

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