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Mirabai Jayanti – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

Mirabai Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of a Hindu mystic poet from the 16th century and a devotee of Sri Krishna – Mirabai. There is no exact date for her birthday, so it is celebrated on Sharad Purnima. She has written and composed some very good immortal lyrical poems as hymns for Sri Krishna. She is considered to be the epitome of devotion. 

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Mirabai Jayanti – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

Mira was born in a Rajput family to the Rajput King Ratan Singh of Kurki from Udaipur in the year 1499. Since her childhood, she learned many things about religion, music, and politics. She lost her mother at a very early age and was brought up by her grandfather and grandmother. Her grandparents were huge devotees of Lord Vishnu. Since her childhood only, she started worshipping Lord Krishna. 

Since her level of devotion to Lord Krishna was so much, everyone was very tensed about her. Many people made several attempts to even kill her. Once there was an attempt to kill her where a highly poisonous snake was kept in her flower basket in which she was keeping the picked flowers for Lord Krishna. But due to her devotion, instead of bitting her, the snake converted into an idol of Lord Krishna. Later in life, she went to the city Vrindavan where she decided to spend her life in complete devotion 5o God. She also started writing songs and prayers in devotion to Lord Krishna. 

Although there aren’t any special temples for Mirabai many people remembers her for the extreme devotion she had for Lord Krishna. On this day, i.e. Mirabai Jayanti, people organize few programs mostly in the state of Rajasthan. Many small pujas are performed in honor of Mirabai. People pay respects to her as she was a renowned mystic poet. In several temples of Lord Krishna, specific kirtans are organized to pay respects to the poet Mirabai. 

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Mirabai was born in 1498 and passed away in the year 1547. She had written about 1300 poems that were full of passion and praise for Lord Krishna. It is interesting to know that Mirabai was a disciple of Guru Ravidas.

However, every year on Mirabai Jayanti, in Chittorgarh, the district officials of Chittorgarh and Meera Smriti Sansthan come together to organize a three- day-long fair, also known as Mahotsav where many prominent musicians come and perform for the people in order to pay respects to Mirabai.

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