Christian festival celebrated all across India. It is considered to be the birth of Jesus. Christmas refers to the Yule. The festival is considered to be the feast of winter solstice. The Christian community before was distinguished by the identification of date of the birth of Jesus i.e. the actual celebration of the day. The main reason behind celebrating Christmas and celebrating Jesus’s birthday on December 25th is still unknown. The new and changed testament has no clue about this. Sextus Julius Africanus was the first one to identify that Christmas should be celebrated on December 25th. And later it became a universal date.merry christmas post image

Merry Christmas – Date, History, Significance & Celebration

People celebrate Christmas (wiki) with huge enthusiasm as they refer it to the birth of Jesus Christ. They sing jingles and wait for santa claus. People started celebrating Christmas hugely after the 9th century. But it did not attain proper liturgical importance of the day of Good Friday or the Easter day. These two the Good Friday and the Easter day are considered to be the main important festivals amd holidays of Christians.

There are two kinds of Christians, the Roman Christians and the Protestant Christians. The Roman Christians celebrate the day of Christmas mass in the midnight whereas the Protestant Christians conduct the candlelight service on December 24th mainly.

People remember Christmas Carols and sing them in Churches to celebrate Christmas. Christmas Carols are the scripture writings saying the history of the Christians.

Christmas is a festival celebrated by the Christians mainly all across the world. It is mainly celebrated on the Western world. People celebrate Christmas holidays. People celebrate Good Friday and Easter day before the main day of Christmas. There are many holidays associated with the Christmas day such as Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Easter, Good Friday.

Children believe that Santa Claus comes on every Christmas night and gifts them their favorite things as presents. They write the things they want for Christmas from Santa on a slip of paper and hang them in a sock on the door. They believe Santa reads it and gifts them the same thing they wanted.

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There are many theories associated with Christmas. But it is considered to be the happy time or the magical time. It believes to take up all the sorrows from us and spread happiness. Churches during this time are beautifully decorated. And people visit Churches to light candles and celebrate Christmas.