Madhvacharya Jayanti – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

Madhvacharya Jayanti is celebrated to celebrate the birth anniversary of Sri Madhva. Sri Madhvacharya was born on the holy day of Vijayadashami which also known as the last day of Durga Puja or Dusshera.

Madhvacharya Jayanti – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

Hindu religion has given us various prominent saints and philosophers post the Lord Sri Krishna era. Many of them were prominent, however, three of them came out to be great spiritual personalities. They were Sri Sankaracharya who taught Advaita Philosophy, Sri Ramanujacharya who taught Visishtadvaita philosophy, and Sri Madhvacharya who taught Dvaita Philosophy. All three of them were known as Trinity of Acharyas. The trinity of Acharyas took the glory of Hindu spirituality to heights. They left a mark of influence on the Hindus and the Hindu religion. 

Sri Madhvacharya is known to be the greatest Hindu Saint of all time. He was the founder of Dvaita Philosophy. He had strong beliefs for the third eye incarnation of the Wind God (Vayu Devta). It is believed that Madhvacharya openly identified himself as an incarnation of Lord Vayu which was convinced by several miracles he did in his childhood days. 

Sri Madhvacharya was also known as Vasudeva during his childhood days. It is believed that he was born around 800 years back 8n a village named Pajaka Kshetra which is 10 km ahead of the temple town of Udupi near Mangalore in the state of Karnataka. Sri Madhvacharyaa was born in a family Shivalli Brahmins. His father was Madhyageha Bhatta. He was born in 1238 AD. Sri Madhvacharya had a great prominent life of 79 years. . He left the world on the 9th day of bright fortnight also known as Navami Tithi in the lunar month of Magha Masam. 

Sri Madhvacharya was a child prodigy, with several divine qualities. He was known for his authority, knowledge, and skills. During his era, Sri Madhvacharya defeated many advocates in the arguments. It is said that at the age of twelve, he left his home to become an ascetic. He took up the teachings of Sanyasa Deeksha under the guidance of Sri Achyuta Preksha Theertha.

Sri Madhvacharya Jayanti Date

Sri Madhvacharya Jayanti date 2019: October 8

Sri Madhvacharya Jayanti date 2020: October 26

Sri Madhvacharya Jayanti date 2021: October 20

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It is said that Sri Madhvacharya Jayanti falling on the day he was born and on the day Sri Madhacharya passed away was the 9th day of the Lunar month of Magha Masam during the bright fortnight. 

Sri Madhacharya is a prominent leader and his teachings are cherished by many till today. It interesting to know that his believers believe that Sri Madhacharya is still present even today and he is in the Northern Himalayas also known as Greater Badari doing his spiritual pursuits.

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