Kiss Day 2021: Date, Importance, Why to celebrate?

International kissing day or World kiss day, as it is fondly called, must sound impossible, right? Excluding our die-hard romantics (who must probably be already interested in the details surrounding kiss day), everyone else must be guessing if this day is literally a ‘grab a special someone, pucker up and kiss’ day. I mean, they have to be kidding, right? (Chuckles). That almost sounds unbelievable.- Latest WhatsApp status

Of course, different cultures and people show different attitudes and differing acceptances of kissing. While it is common to find friends from Italy and Greece kiss on the lips as a way of greeting each other, spouses in Vietnam will rather theirs in private; the same goes for natives of China and Japan. In France, an air kiss on each cheek is a common way of greeting.kiss day 2021

Kiss Day 2021: Date, Importance, Why to celebrate?

This day is, in fact, the celebration of the entirety of kissing. It’s the essence, importance, and what have you, the celebration being the actual kiss itself. Kiss day doesn’t require social events, parties, or some ceremony. It is celebrated to encourage the act of kissing. Fun fact: squirrels, chimpanzees, and some other animals kiss too.

There’s really no history and ritual surrounding the celebration of kiss day. It is an opportunity to enjoy the pleasure and relive the kissing experience. I mean, beyond greetings, kissing is a part of intimacy, so why not? No one correctly remembers it’s period of inception, but kiss day is believed to have originated in the United Kingdom around the 19th Century. However, kiss day has always been celebrated all over the world for years now. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem like that’s about to change soon.

Kiss Day Date?

It is generally celebrated every year on the 6th day of July with a few exceptions. In Brazil, kiss day is celebrated every 13th of April, but for the Indians, it’s much more different. In India, the celebration of Valentine begins from the 7th of February up until the 14th of February. The day before Valentine that is the 13th of February (also the 6th day of the Valentines week), is kiss day in India.

Benefits of kissing | Importance of Kissig

Asides offering you pleasure in a moment of intimacy with your lover or reiterating your affection towards your loved ones, there are a lot more benefits that come with kissing.

Kissing makes you feel good while relieving you of stress and anxiety. It can be so exciting that it triggers feelings of affection and bonding. This is because your brain releases some chemicals that ignite the pleasure center of your brain whenever you kiss. So what? Get kissing, and feel good.

Remember how your heart tends to beat faster whenever you kiss? Kissing increases the rate of your heartbeat in a way that dilates your blood vessels. It thereby causes an increase in blood flow and a decrease in blood pressure.

What more? Kissing boosts your immune system, improves your cholesterol level, helps burn calories, boosts your sex drive, and tightens your facial muscles. You see, kissing is beyond a physical measure of compatibility with your partner. It is suitable for your heart, body, and, most importantly, great for your relationship too.

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Ingrid Bergman once said, “a kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous,” and I couldn’t have agreed more. Whatever kiss it is, it is borne out of affection and an expression of what it is they feel about you. Words may not always do the trick, but usually, a kiss can.

By the way, who else is interested in celebrating kiss day on the 6th of July and every other day? I’m just as excited as you are. In advance, I say have a lovely day ahead.

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