International Mountain Day – History, Significance & Celebration

It is interesting to know that almost 15% of the population lives in the mountains? Therefore, it is very important to conserve the mountains and use them sustainably. It is obvious that due to the overpopulation factor the mountains are under a huge threat.

Mountains are an important resource to everyone on earth i.e. not only to the inhabitants but also for the people living in the low lands. Mountains are the source of major water bodies; rivers and they play an important role in the cycle of water bodies.

International Mountain Day – History, Significance & Celebration

International Mountain Day focuses on the factors like opportunities and development of the mountains and their conservation. People get educated towards the importance of mountains and their conservation that how the mountains help and impact our life. This day is celebrated every year constituting a particular theme. International Mountain Day is abbreviated as IMD.

Last year i.e. in 2019, the theme for International Mountain Day was “Mountains matter for the Youth”. This theme focused on the youth and young people in order to make them step forward making an active change because future leads the tomorrow. It is believed that it is very important to educate the youth about the importance of mountains and how they provide us with fresh water, food, clean energy and recreation.


International Mountain Day was established on December 11th, 2003. It came into existence after the adaption of this particular day by the UN. Each year this day is celebrated with several themes.

People celebrate this day in several ways. One of the way is Centro de Investigacao de Montaha abbreviated as CIMO. The partners related to this way celebrate International Mountain Day from 13 to 14, December as the theme suggests “Mountain, Sport and Sustainable Development Days”. As per the theme, on the first day, a conference is held which focuses on speakers, athletes, politicians and researchers. On the second day, many activities are held for the students including presentations, debates, art and photography competitions, hikes and events, etc. Many hashtags are also popular on this day including #MountainsMatter on social media. Many people share their photos and experiences of this day on the website [email protected] and their matter gets published on the website of International Mountain Day.

Mountains are an important part of nature and our lives. They provide us with fresh food, water, and everything. They also play a very crucial role in the water cycle. This day is celebrated to increase the awareness among people for mountains and their importance that how they help in balancing everything such as ecosystem and water cycle.

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