Indian Children’s Day – History, Significance & Celebration

Indian Children’s day is celebrated on November 14th every year in India. It signifies the importance of rights of children, their care and education apart from the tribute it offers to the former prime minister – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Children fondly address him as Chacha Nehru. He was a mere supporter of the education, care and rights of the children, forever looking ways for helping the children to fill their life with light and education. This day signifies the love and fondness he has for the children.

Earlier World children’s day was celebrated on 20th November before 1964. But after the demise of Shri Jawaharlal Nehru ji, India started celebrating children’s day on his birth anniversary to honor him.Indian Children’s Day

Indian Children’s Day – History, Significance & Celebration

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had a belief that the children of today make the future of the tomorrow. He used to believe that children are the future of the nation and they can only build the nation towards better state. He devoted whole of his life towards the children and their education and care. He worked tirelessly on several organizations such as AIIMS, IIT, etc. to build the future of the children.

While the date stills have the significance even in today’s scenario, we should take a moment to honor his works and life. We should honor his devotion towards the children.

This day is celebrated all across India in each and every organization, school and college. Schools and colleges organize various functions including dance, singing, drama, etc. They organize various competitions for the children for them to participate and win.

To take responsibility for imbibing in children the values, respect and identity and letting them frame and make their own thoughts and beliefs. Primarily, the main motive of this should be to not differentiate between a boy and a girl child. The message on children’s day should be to growth of youth in academics, ideas and thoughts.

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The aforementioned will revive the importance of this day for children. Let’s all pledge to make this nation a better place for the children and fulfill their education and other rights. Let’s pledge to keep this motive of growth of children and youth academically be intact. It might be only a date, November 14th, but let it sow a seed which will reap the benefits in the coming successful years.

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