Founded on October 8, 1932, the Indian Air Force is also known as IAF. On this day the Indian Air Force participated in various crucial wars and missions. It is celebrated to mark the Importance and anniversary of this day and to honor this day.

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Indian Air Force Day – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

Indian Air Force Day (wiki) is celebrated on October 8 all over India every year. This day was officially founded and established in 1932. This year, Indian Air Force day has great significance as this year we will welcome our long await first ever Rafale fighter jet which will be received by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in France. On this day, the Indian Force (IAF) shows it’s the latest technology and showcases it on the road ahead. This day marks the birth anniversary of the Indian Force and it is celebrated to honor the sacrifices made by India Air Force. 

On October 8 every year, Indian Air Force day is celebrated with huge enthusiasm with an air display parade by several aircraft flying at Hindon base in Ghaziabad near Delhi. This ceremony usually starts at 8 am and ends at 11 am. 

The air display starts with a flag bearing ceremony by the Akash Ganga team jumping from AN-32 wearing their colorful canopies at 8 am. The flypast would indulge in a combination of old, vintage, and modern transport aircraft and front-line fighters.

Importance & Celebration

Indian Air Force is considered to be the air arm of Indian armed forces. It ranks fourth amongst the air forces of the world. It’s sole mission is to protect Indian airspace and to conduct aerial warfare during war situations. 

This day was established to honor Indian aviation services and Air Force after World War-II. Since then India has been involved in four major wars with Pakistan and China. Several missions and operations took place since then named Operation Vijay, Operation Meghdoot, Operation Cactus, and Operation Poomalai.

Indian Air Force works with the motto, “Touching the Sky with Glory”. The President of India also serves as the Commander-in-chief of our armed forces including the Indian Air Force. 

In January 2002, the Government of India granted the rank of Marshall of Indian Air Force to Arjan Singh, making him the very first and one and only officer with a Five-star. 

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It is interesting to know that the Indian Air Force is categorized into seven categories- five operational and two functional commands. In 2010, a robust digital international grid was launched that helped in quick and meticulous threat free responses named Air Force Network (AFNET). Indian Air Force has the armed strength of about 170,000 men and more than 1,400 aircraft. Indian Air Force is considered to be one of the best and leading air forces of the world.