Human Rights Day – Date, History, Significance & Celebration

Human Rights Day was established on December 10th, 1948. It came into form when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations. The day of Human Rights is celebrated every year all over the world with huge enthusiasm. This day empowers every one. This day recognizes the advocates and defenders of rights around the world.Human Rights Day Image

Human Rights Day – Date, History, Significance & Celebration

According to the UNSECO’s website, it was the very first UN agency to conduct a Universal Declaration in the center of all its action, to promote it all across the world with the help of education and media. It is said that the declaration was not considered to be the binding document. There were 60 instruments inspired from human rights. They were made a common standard of human rights in one day.

More than 70 years have been passed since the establishment of this day of Human Rights. The theme with which this day is celebrated is “Standup for the Human Rights and standup for yourself”. The main aim and motive behind the celebration of this day is to celebrate the potential of the youth generation towards a constructive way. Its motive is to channelize the energies of youth towards a constructive way. It amplifies the voices to engage a huge audience and create a broad reach on a global basis. It created promotion of rights and protection of rights.

The campaign was made to encourage and empower, and showcase how the youth all across the world stand for their rights and act against racism, bullying, wrong speech, discrimination, climate change and many more reasons.

The day of Human Rights was officially coming under United Nation General Assembly in the year 1948. The United Nations made a document known as Universal Declaration of Human Rights abbreviated as UDHR. This document defined the rights of an individual. It said an individual should enjoy despite being of any race, color, religion, sex, caste, opinion, politics, national, social or political origin, birth, property, etc. This document then made is now available in more than 500 languages.

Although this day was officially adopted by the 317th Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly on the day December 4th, 1950. The member states and the organisations, everyone was invited to be a part of the declaration pf resolution. As per the UN traditions, on the date December 10th, the 5-yearly UN prize in the field of Human Rights and Nobel Peace Prize are given to people.

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