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Hug Day 2021: Date, Importance, Why to celebrate?

Ever seen a promise without a warm hug? No, you’ll definitely need a hug to seal it. Hug’s Day is celebrated on the 12th Day of February after the Promise Day. It’s the 6th Day of Valentine’s week. On this Day, you are expected to hug your loved ones at least once that day. Other days we share gifts, but a hug day goes deeper than that. Couples share intimacy and have a physical closeness on this Day. After the long words and promises, nothing can speak better than a hug from a loved one.hug day 2021

Hug Day 2021: Date, Importance, Why to celebrate?

A hug makes for a deeper level of intimacy and connection. It is one natural way to express closeness and have a feeling of love. Many countries and tribes find hugging appealing. So, a Hug’s Day is not just for couples, family, friends, and neighbors can be part of it.

Hug Days Celebrate in 2019: Monday, 21 January

Hug Days Celebrate in 2020: Tuesday, 21 January

Hug Day Celebrate in 2021: Thursday, 21 January

Importance and Significance of Hug’s Day

Hug’s Day is important because a deep and sincere long hug from a loved one relieves stress and keeps one comfortable. It keeps you safe with a shoulder to lean on and spikes your affection for someone. It’s said that hugs keep one excited and happier throughout the day. It reduces depression and loneliness and can have a healing effect on someone as it builds your immune system. A hug can reinforce closeness in relationships.

Getting a deep hug from someone can spike the release of the cuddling hormone known as oxytocin. This hormone is a neurotransmitter that helps increase bonding and social relationships. It is a necessity for families and love relationships.

However, the closeness of the hug depends on the level of relationship, whether casual or intimate. Hugs are culture-specific. Some cultures have different ways of expressing their love, and a hug might not be regarded or widely accepted. Also, some people have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) that might affect how comfortable they can be with a hug. It’s always important to know their personal space boundaries, especially if you are just getting to know each other, so you don’t ruin your week of love with a misinterpreted hug.

A Hug day can be started with a warm embrace in a cold morning that serves as a greeting and sets you up for the Day. It can be a great way to welcome a loved one in the afternoon or at night. What’s more important is that both of you understand, love, and appreciate the affection expressed in the hug.

Hug day explains that we can do so much with the little we have. Love isn’t just about the big or small things we can buy or give. It’s about how much of ourselves we can give to each other every time we’re needed.

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Nevertheless, a loved one would always appreciate a sweet hug anytime, any day much more as it is a season of love. So, go out today and give that dear person a benefitting and loving hug.

Happy Hug’s Day!

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