Hazarat Ali’s Birthday in India – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

Hazarat Ali’s Birthday in India – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

Hazrat Ali Birthday- the son of Hazrat Abu Talib, who was none other than the uncle of Holy Prophet, was first in his times to accept and thoroughly understand the Islam at a mere age of 10. While he had many around him who were non-believers, he stood out and did not care how anybody would react which is quite unexpected from a child of his age. In fact, nobody supported him and stood against him when he wanted to preach Islam. Even at the cost of being boycotted with his family, he did not stop believing in the almighty Allah, and stood firm as a shield to the Prophet. With so much to define his bravery, he was soon known as ‘Asadullah’, and evidently his name still prevails in every home who follow islam.- Best WhatsApp status
hazarat ali birthday

Date & Day of Celebration

Hazrat Ali Jayanti Date 2020: 7th March, Saturday, and 8th March, Sunday. (The celebration begins in the evening of 7th and ends on 8th March.)

Hazrat Ali Jayanti Date 2021: 26th Feb, Friday 2020

Date, History, Importance & Celebration

The day of birth of Hazarat Ali’s Birthday has great significance in the Islam religion and hence celebrated with a public holiday in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The man who was the second man to convert into Islam after the great Muhammad who was apparently his cousin and father in law too. . His birthplace, Kaaba, is believed to be the holiest place for Islamic people and anybody to be able to visit there is considered lucky in Islam. The man who supported Islam from the age of 10 died at the age of 60 in a mosque only. Killed by his enemies and yet remembered forever!

Hazrat Ali’s Jayanti is celebrated according to the Islamic lunar calendar and hence it is celebrated on a different date every year. India and other countries with significant muslim population definitely celebrate this day with proper rituals and joy.

Every Muslim pay a tribute and thank Hazrat Ali for reviving the Islamic culture by adorning their homes with lighting, flowers, and ither decorations. People devote their prayers to imam so as to receive strength and blessings of Hazrat to continue worshipping Islam. The mosques in India especially witness a huge crowd of Muslim who come together to pay their respect to the man who supported Islam all his life. To Muslims, Hazrat Ali is their one true heir of Holy Prophet. Why? Because the amount of knowledge and wisdom that Hazrat possessed about almighty Allah and Islam religion is incomparable till date. The sacrifices he made in his life to save Islam for everybody who didn’t respect or believe in it is commendable. His whole life was devoted to the similar purpose. Without him, Islam wouldn’t have been able to grow and spread to multiple parts of the world with believers who would stand by it under any circumstances.

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He earned this respect to be celebrated every year with the amount of dedication, devotion, and gratification he put to build what Islam is.

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