The HAPPY holy festival honors the winning of good over evil, the deviless Holika’s sacrifice. It celebrates every year after the full moon in the Hindu month of Phalguna, new March. HAPPY HOLI FESTIVAL Spirits reveal the start of spring and other Hindu ritual events;  They march the streets and spatter people with colored powders while dancing and singing. Although this is a Hindu festival, it is common amongst non-Hindus. People assume the night before Holi and show religious routines, and then pray to defeat their inner evil. The next day people start the real holiday cultures and paint each other with colored powders; they seldom use water guns and water-filled balloons for more fun. HAPPY HOLI FESTIVAL Groups of people march the places with drums and other tools, singing and dancing. People also meet with their relatives and friends to color each other and give Holi goodies.


This holiday lasts for a night and day, from the night of the full moon (Purnima). Holika Dahan, the fiery demon Holika, is the first nightfall of the event. HAPPY HOLI FESTIVAL This night, people meet, perform religious rites on a bonfire, and pray that the evil inside them is split the way Holika destroy in the fire.

This festival of Colors an honor all over India for old times. HAPPY HOLI FESTIVAL The festival was an agricultural festival commemorating the meeting of spring. It describes starting the gloom of winter and enjoying the action of spring. The legend connected with the festival includes an evil king called Hiranyakashipu. He denied his son from praying Vishnu. But, Radhu continued offering prayers to the gods. Hiranyakashipu defied Prahlad to rest on a pyre with his aunt Holika, who was safe to fire. When the fire began, Holika burns to death, whereas Prahlad lasted without a scar. Burning Holika commemorates Holi.


This Festival is based on the Hindu myth Holika, the female breast and the sister of the demon Hiranyakashayap. It assumes that Hiranyakashayap was the ruler of the universe and also better to all gods. HAPPY HOLI FESTIVAL But, Hiranyakashayap’sHiranyakashayap’s son Prahlad went against his mother by following Lord Vishnu. This work left his father with no option but to help Holika to kill him.

Different Hindu Myths join this myth. For instance, Shaivism and Shaktism, wherever goddess Parvati awaits to take back Shiva within the world while asking help from the Hindu god of love Kamadeva and Vasant Panchami. Still, the god of love fires signs at Shiva. This creates a yogi to open his third eye and hurt the Kama to ashes. The effects of yogi’syogi’s works not only upset Rati Kama’s wife but Parvati as well. HAPPY HOLI FESTIVAL Rati prays for mercy from Shiva. Finally, Shiva chooses to forgive and restore the god of love, and on this day, Hindu honor it as Holi. Every Holi has a sizeable cultural consequence in Hindu Culture. It opens a new start from past error, working as the end of the battle, and a day when people forget and forgive. In most states, people pay their money and also excuse money, including new deals in their lives.

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