Happy Govardhan Puja – Date, History, Importance & Significance

There are many legends related to Govardhan Puja (wiki).The most knew small hillock which is located near Mathura at a place knew as Braj.Gokul people worship to Lord Indra because they believe Lord Indra provide them rain. And rain was important for life, food and livelihood.

Lord Krishna told the people of Gokul that it wasn’t Lord Indra who bought rains but it was Govardhan Parvat. Everyone should worship and pray to Govardhan Parvat. When people of Gokul followed Lord Krishna’s sayings, Lord Indra felt insulted & angry. This resulted in wrath of Lord Indra. He showered heavy rains on the people of Gokul. Lord Krishna saved the people of Gokul by lifting the Govardhan Parvat on his little finger and giving them shelter from the heavy rains.

Happy Govardhan Puja – Date, History, Importance & Significance

Govardhan Puja celebrate right after Diwali. It signifies the victory of Lord Krishna over Lord Indra.There are many stories related to Govardhan Puja. People celebrate this festival in different states of India include Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab and Maharashtra.

Different states celebrate this festivals with different names and different reasons according to the significance to them. On this day people majorly focus on prayers and goddess puja.

Govardhan Puja knew as ‘Annakoot’. People prepare around 56 or 108 dishes and offer them to Lord Krishna. Offer of food on this day know as ‘Bhog’. Even in many regions people knew this festival Gudi Padwa.

It is a festival to celebrate the love of husband and wife.

Date and Day:

Festival Date 2019: October 28

Govardhan Puja Festival Date 2020: November 14

Happy Govardhan Puja Date 2021: November 5

This festival is also celebrated as “Padwa” in the state of Maharashtra signifying the victory of Vamana who is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu over King Bali. This day also marks the day when King Vikramaditya was incarnated and called as Vikram Samvat.

This day also signifies the beginning pf Gujarati New Year. However, the days might get a day before or after.

Lord Indra got very angry and showered heavily on the people of Gokul and Vrindavan. Lord Krishna then picked Govardhan Parvat on his little finger and saved all the people from the wrath and anger of Lord Indra.

Digging deep into the mythology of Hindus, the people of Gokul and Vrindavan used to follow Lord Indra. They used to offer him large feasts and meals and his honor. Lord Indra is considered to be the God of rains and storms.

People of Gokul and Vrindavan did all this to please him for timely rainfall for their harvest. But one day Lord Krishna opposed this pratha and asked the people to worship Govardhan Parvat as Govardhan Parvat used to provide them with food and not Lord Indra.

Lord Krishna used to believe that serving Lord Indra with so many feasts and food was a huge burden on the farmers.

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