Goa Liberation Day – Date, History, Significance & Celebration

Goa was not always a part of this liberated and independent India. It officially became and Indian state in the year 1961. It is also said that the military operations had to work for around 3 days to do the job of liberating Goa successfully, well and right.

To honor this historic event, Goa Liberation Day is celebrated. It was that particular day when our entire nation was free from the rule of British and it was complete free India. Our nation was complete free from the foreign rules and British ruling. The British ruling lasted for almost two centuries till the Goa liberation day.

Goa Liberation Day – Date, History, Significance & Celebration

Goa Liberation Day was after the successful Operation Vijay. On this day, Goa was finally free from the Foreign rule. It was one of the most important and significant days of history of Goa, therefore it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. It was a huge day for the military also. They completed a mission which they had to fight for three consecutive days. Goa was finally a free state now which was free from all the British ruling and India was a complete independent nation.

Even after the independence across the nation, Goa was the only state which was not independent and was ruled under the Portuguese. Digging into the history, many people say that the Portuguese were not at all ready to free Goa from their ruling. Many requests were made to the Portuguese government but each and every request of freeing the state of Goa was kept unheard.

So, the Indian Government decided to take some heavy and concrete steps towards the independence of Goa. At the end, in the year 1961, the Indian Armed Forces abbreviated as IAF surrounded the Portuguese and occupied all the boundaries. The Indian ground troops were successful in conquering the Portuguese navy and at the end they had to leave Goa. About 3000 men led to the merger of Goa to the Union of India. This day is still remembered with pride and all the people who worked for the liberation of Goa are still remembered on this day who helped in freeing Goa from the Portuguese.

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Goa Liberation Day is celebrated on December 19th every year by each and every person living in Goa. People from far away places come and visit Goa during this time. Torch light possessions are held on this day. Dance and singing Programs such as Sugam Sangeet is conducted to mark the event.

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