Teacher’s day is celebrated on September 5, which marks the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvapalli Ramakrishnan who is the former President, politician, scholar, philosopher and Bharat Ratna recipient. He was born in a middle class family in Tirutani in 1888. Here we are going to share wit you top 5 easy games or activities for teachers day.

Activities for Teachers Day

Dr. Ramakrishnan was a loving and favourite teacher of students. He received many achievements, recognition , honor and awards. He wrote his first book in 1917 named “The Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore” which took attention of the people towards Indian Philosophy.

Teachers are the building blocks of our society and they are considered equivalent to God as they mold the students with good manners and many teachings. This day is celebrated to honor their hard work and dedication towards the students. It is said in Indian culture that Mata (mother), Pita (father), Guru (Teacher) and Devam (God) are the four entities that make us what we are.

It is believed that students and children used to come to Dr. Ramakrishnan to celebrate his birthday. And once he said he would be honored if his birthday would be celebrated as Teacher’s Day.  Therefore, September 5 is celebrated as Teacher’s day every year. Students of schools and colleges organize events, functions and seminars where they perform skits, dramatics, singing, dancing, painting and poster competitions, debate competitions, essay competitions, etc.

However, in the current scenario, this year it is not possible to organize any of event due to COVID19. Therefore following are some activities and games that schools and colleges can conduct. Also following are the ways students can do something special for their beloved teachers:

Top 5 Best Games/ Activities for Teachers Day

1. Chess game: Students and Teachers can conduct an online chess game between Teachers or between Teachers and students. It is quite interesting to know recently India and Russia shared a gold in Online Chess Olympiad 2020.

2. Essay-writing competition: Schools can conduct essay-writing competition among students and can ask for the entries by medium of scanned copies. This is one of the best activities for teachers day.

3. Cards made by students: Students can make handmade cards or presents for their and can send it to them by post.

4. Videos: Students can prepare videos messages or video with photographs and messages and can send it to their teachers.

5. Online parties: Students can contribute and send cake to Teachers home with the help of online food delivery services and can organize a zoom online party.

However, it didn’t matter how Teacher’s day is celebrated, what matters is we should respect our teachers and we should felicitate their hard-work.

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As rightly quoted by Albert Einstein, “It is supreme art of a teacher to awake joy in creative expression and knowledge.”