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English New Year – Date, History, Significance & Celebration

English New year is known for champagne toasts, parties, enjoyment and the iconic ball drop at New York Times Square. Famously known for its fun and joy festivities. It is one of most celebrated festivals of the year. Celebrated with huge enthusiasm. People party on this day and enjoy with their family and friends. It is considered to be the start of new calendar.

It is interesting to know that earlier New Year was a 11 days long festival. Even after attending and celebrating so many new years, there are so many facts about New Year’s which are still unknown to us.

English New Year – Date, History, Significance & Celebration

Digging deep into the history of New year. The first ever new year was celebrated around 4000 years ago in 2000 B.C. – to ancient Babylon. According to the Mesopotamians, the New Year was started by the first new moon after the vernal equinox.

New year is considered to be a nation holiday which is celebrated with great joy and fun on January 1st, i.e. the first day of new year as per the Gregorian and Julian Calendar. People shoot fireworks and celebrate parties with their friends and family and loved ones. Almost everyone celebrates new year but different people new year differently. Some prefer going out with friends and family and some prefer staying at home. People eat variety of food and feasts. New years make a clean slate for the people to start a new life new year. It marks the new beginnings. It teaches us to look forward to a positive change.

People also follow many resolutions and traditions for new year. Resolutions are made to improve one’s life and goals. The most common resolutions people follow are the ones related to diets, leaving bad habits, exercising daily and maintaining health.

New year follows with a gathering of the loved ones and family and friends. People drink Champaign and eat many feasts and foods. They shoot fireworks and decorate their homes with lights to enter the new year with new hope and lights.

In many countries, parades are conducted, such as in London Rose parade along with new year parade is conducted. In America, food plays a very important role in the parties of new year. People prepare tasty foods and feasts and enjoy the party by toasting and drinking and enjoy fireworks. It is also believed that many people in America follow a tradition of mid night kiss on New Year’s Eve.

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It’s been thousands of years now that new year has been a festival of lights, fun, joy and rebirth. It makes people from all over the world enjoy and celebrate the start of new year and a new beginning.

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