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Engineers Day – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

Engineers day is celebrated on September 15 every year in India. However, UNESCO celebrates March 4th as World Engineer’s Day every year. Engineer’s day is celebrated in India to pay tribute to Sir M. Visvesvaraya. 

This day is wholly dedicated to the hard work of engineers in every field. It is celebrated to honor their achievements in science and technology. This day marks the Engineer’s contribution to the nation’s economic development and progress. It marks the past achievement and present trends.

Engineers Day

Engineers Day in India – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

It circulates the message of the significance of engineering principles in our every day lives. 

Initially, Word Engineer’s day was celebrated on different days in different countries and in different ways. But in 1933, Brazil stepped up and created a well-structured framework under the law for various professions. 1878 is considered to be an important year for engineering history. It was in 1878 that for the first time, a separate engineer’s association was formed in Croatia. 

Today, man is dependent on technology for every small need and engineers implement technologies to create a new, emerging world order. Technology and engineering can be seen from the period of civilization when man invented fire and the wheel. After this, there began a gradual increase in engineering creations. In the 1980s, the IT sector was revolutionized and the concept of digitalization took over the world. best forex brokers in nigeria. Gradually digital world enabled options and operations, and today it rules the world. 

Today, everything is possible with the implementation of engineering principles, for instance, mixers and grinders in kitchen, doors, bells, mobile phones, everything in front of our eyes require engineering principles. 

The benefits of engineering and engineers is beyond limits. They have simplified our complex lives. Today we can buy products at the click of a button with the comfort of our home. 

Engineer’s Day Date – September 15

Engineers being such an important component of our society, Engineer’s day should be celebrated with huge enthusiasm and a grand scale. Events are conducted in schools, colleges, and offices to honor the engineers. Events include conferences, lectures, discussions, and technical symposiums. Various student committees organize quiz, lectures, games, performance to celebrate Engineer’s day. Seminars are conducted by the student committees and they honor the engineers and dignitaries. It is also celebrated at engineering companies which include workshops, award ceremonies, and mentoring sessions. 

Schools conduct essay competition and drawing and poster competitions for young students, where they showcase their talents in the field of technological innovation and creativity. 

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Engineers need to be felicitated and remembered more for their achievements and glories. There should be more celebration and felicitation for engineers on not only Engineers day but all days. We should never forget their contribution in making our lives much easier.

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