Easy to Make Food Recipes for Karwa Chauth Vrat

Karwa Chauth Vrat is a festival of husband and wife. It is celebrated to celebrate the love between husband and wife. It is usually popular mainly in the North Indian states. Karwa Chauth is a fast kept by the Indian women for the long, healthy and wealthy life of their husbands. The word karwa here means diya i.e. a small earthen lamp. Karwa in some languages also means pitcher or pot and chauth here means fourth. Chauth here signifies that the Karwa Chauth falls on the 4th day after the full moon in the Kartik month.

Easy to Make Food Recipes for Karwa Chauth Vrat

The festivities of this day begin with the dawn of the day and married girls get sargi from their mother-in-laws which constitutes of Gobhi Parantha or Aloo paratha with Raita and some Sweet dish which is usually sooji ka halwa or savaiyan kheer or Feni kheer. Sometimes people also have chaat recipes, if not Paranthas than they have Aloo gobhi with phulkas. It is to be noted that all the food and sargi are to be prepared without onion or garlic.

The Puja on Karwa Chauth begins from the sunrise and ends till the moonrise. Therefore, it starts and ends on different timings in different places.

This year it is expected to start around 05:34 PM and will end around 08:12 PM. There are many stories related to Karwa Chauth. One of them is the story of Queen Veeravati.

All the food and sargi should be consumed before sunrise or some people say when the stars are still in the sky i.e. β€œTaaron ki chaw main”. Married women also drink tea and lots of water after eating sargi. Because then for whole day they can’t have anything to eat and drink.

Karwa Chauth Date:

Karwa Chauth Date 2019 : October 17

Karwa Chauth Karaka020 : November 4

Karwa Chauth Date 2021 : October 24

After the sun sets and when the rituals of Karwa Chauth ends i.e. in the evening once the pooja is over. Married women wait for the moon to rise and then they open their fast after pooja of moon. It also happens sometimes that the sky is cloudy and dusty so the moon comes late and women have to wait a little more.

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The wives sip first sip of water by the hands of husband and first bite by their husbands. Many times, husbands prepare dinner for their wives which is a sign of love and care.

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