Dolyatra Day in India – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

DolYatra is an embarked festival in the states of Assam, West Bengal, and Odisha. This day is dedicated by all the devotees all over India, and especially in the south region to the almighty Lord Krishna and Radha. Known as Dol as well, this day is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the lunar month according to the Bangla calendar of Falgun. Though people generally confuse the occasion with Holi, they vary a lot. In fact, Holi is the beginning to Dol Yatra celebrations but they continue for a while whereas Holi is a one day festival in North India. The significance for these two festivals might be similar; the Lord Krishna and Radha but the way of celebration, the people, and the traditions vary quite a lot.

Dolyatra Day Date

Dol Yatra celebration date 2019: March 21

Dol Yatra celebration date 2020: March 10

Dol Yatra celebration date 2021: March 28

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Dolyatra Day in India – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

For Bengalis, this day has more significance because it’s also the birthday of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who was believed to be the one true believer of Lord Krishna. He ignited the passion for the worship of Lord Krishna and Radha among Bengalis and hence is remembered every year with an auspicious celebration. . Chaitanya always believed the essence of Sadhna (devotion) to be the pure remembrance of Hari (Lord Krishna).

The celebration of Dol Yatra begins with the Yatra to the Lord Krishna’s wife Ghuncha’s place where all his devotees gather to pray to him and seek his blessings. The followers prepare a bonfire in front of the worship place, and the idol of Lord Krishna is held and carried around the fire on the beats of Vaishnavite drums and Cymbals. Everything that is generally done to worship the god is done on the festival as well. This first day of celebration is known as gondh.

The second day of Dol Yatra, also known as Bhor-Deul, is much more exciting where the idols of Lord Krishna are colored with faku. Bhor Deul is generally celebrated for a single day in the month of Chot but for 2-3 months in the month of Phalgun.

With nothing different, the third day is celebrated just like the second day.

The final and fourth day of Dol celebration also known as Seuri, Lord Krishna is carried back to his mother’s house from his wife’s place. The idols that women prepare and decorate are carried in their Yatras. The huge number of devotees participate in the celebration and come together on the final day to celebrate this auspicious worship. It is believed that Mother Lakshmi is not happy with Krishna staying at Ghuncha’s place for all the three days and hence there’s a playful mood in the worship place where followers from both the sides try to win. In the end, Krishna is allowed to enter the Lakshmi’s home and the celebration is meant to be complete.

This festival brings happiness, joy, and utmost devotion in everybody’s heart who follows lord Krishna.

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