Children day history: While we look around us, we see the children who are very constructive and essential parts of our lives; children show us their leadership, strength, and skills to make our world sustainable.

For the welfare of children creating awareness about children’s rights on 20 November each year, children day celebrated in the world. Its history is not long, but it starts in the 19th century and continuously observed in all the world regions after 1954.

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Brief Happy Children Day Distory:

Children day celebration in the world started in 1857 on the 2nd Sunday of June by Reverend DR Charles Leonard, who is pastor of the Universalist church in Chelsea. But it does not gain much importance in people, and he could not make much awareness in people how important it is to make sense about children’s rights.

After a long gap in 1920, the first time turkey’s government announces the children’s day on 23April. But in 1929, it was declared by Mustafa Kamal to celebrate this day officially and publically in the country.

In 1929 for the first time, Geneva proclaimed children’s day internationally with a conference on child welfare and their rights.  In 1950 in the Moscow women’s international democratic federation established 1 June as a global celebration day.

Following them, many of the communist and post-communist countries celebrated children day on 1 June in many parts of the world.

For the very first time, children’s day started in 1954 globally, but the critical dates are 20 November 1959, when the UN assembly adopts and declares the rights of the children’s very first time. Following that, in 1989, on the same date of November UN general assembly arranges a convention on children’s rights.

On its anniversary in 1990, the UN general assembly declares and adopts the convention of children’s rights, which is also essential in the history of children’s day.

Final Words:

The first initiator of the Children’s day was Reverend DR Charles Leonard in 1857, and then turkey’s government take the initiative in 1920.

Following that, it gains importance while Moscow started to celebrate in 1950, and then in 1954, it was observed in all countries.

But the vital day in Children Day history is 20 November 1959 when it was declared in the UN general assembly, and in 1989 General Assembly of the UN arranges convention and welfare rights of the children.

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