Bhai Dooj – History, Significance & Celebration

Bhai Dooj js celebrated with four-day celebration of Diwali which is on day one Naraka Chaturdashi is celebrated which is also known as Choti Diwali. On day two, Diwali is celebrated. On day three Govardhan Puja or Annakut is celebrated and on the last day of celebration, Bhai Dooj is celebrated.Bhai Dooj Image

Bhai Dooj – History, Significance & Celebration

In India, Bhai Dooj is celebrated among brothers and sisters. It is celebrated among Hindu all over the world. Some people also refer to it as Bhau-beej, Bhai Phota and Bhaiya Dooj. It is celebrated with the Diwali celebration and falls on the second day of Vokrami Samvat. Vokram Samvat refers to the Hindu New Year and this period starts from the lunar month of Kartik. Govardhan Puja is day of first day of new year.

Date 2019: October 29

Festival Date 2020: November 16

Date 2021 of Festival: November 6

It is interesting tp know that people celebrate Bhai Dooj and Rakshabandhan in a similar way. Sisters pray for their brother’s long, healthy, wealthy and prosperous life. And on the other hand brothers give gifts to them.

Digging deep into the Hindu mythology, it is celebrated in memory of Lord Krishna’s sister named Subhadra. It is celebrated in memory of the love Subhadra had fpr her brother Krishna. After the fight with Narakasura, Lord Krishna defeated him and Subhadra was very happy to know that her brother defeated Narakasura. She invited Lord Krishna to honor him for his victory. She applied tilak on the forehead pf her brother, did aarti and prayed to God for his long live life. Lord Krishna was very happy and pleased with this Puja and gestures. He blessed his sister with several vardaans. There are many stories related to the Hindu festival Bhai Dooj. One of them is associated with Yamuna and her brother Yamraj.

It is said that the relation pf brothers and sisters is very unique and loving. It is the most prestigious relationship. They love, fight, care and protect each other. The understanding between them is unique. However, it is difficult to decode the love between brothers and sisters as their love comes out in the way of fights and protecting each other. Rakshabandhan is also a festival which highlights the love between siblings. And same goes for Bhai Dooj.

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This day has a special place in the heart’s pf siblings. Sisters apply tilak on their brother’s forehead. They do aarti and pray for their brother’s happy, healthy, wealthy and prosperous long lives.

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