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Best Diwali Activities for Kids to Make him/her Smile

Diwali, Deepavali or Deepawali, is considered to be the biggest and brightest festival of all the Hindu festivals. Here is the best Diwali Activities for Kids. People also refer it to as the festival of lights. The word “Deepawali” here means Deep – light and avali – a row, together it means a row of lights. Diwali is celebrated with a four-day celebration, which lights up the whole country with the festival’s joy and lights. The festival of Diwali falls in the month of October to November. It occurs on the 15th day of the Kartik month. All four days are celebrated with huge enthusiasm. But the sense of goodness in people and enjoyment remains constant all across the country.

Best Diwali Activities for Kids to Make him/her Smile

There are many traditions and stories related to the day of Diwali. Many relate it to the festival of harvest. Many celebrate Diwali to celebrate the marriage of Lakshmi with Lord Vishnu. Many people in Bengal celebrate Diwali to worship Goddess Kali.

On the day of Diwali, homes are decorated and lighted up with diyas, lights and candles. The day of Diwali is celebrated to honor and remember the day of return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya. It is the festival of lights, health, wealth, knowledge, peace and prosperity.

Some people burst firecrackers as they believe it to be the sign of enjoyment and joys. They believe that this will make Gods aware of their happiness. Diwali is a festival of give and forgive, rise and shine, unite and unify, prosper and progress, moving from darkness into light.

This year due to covid, people are not able to celebrate Diwali so the children are quite sad about it. However, there are many activities that they can do to make their diwali lighted up like every year but in a different way:

  1. Noise-free Firecrackers Craft

Fire crackers are fun to watch, but come with their own hazards like smoke and noise. Making a DIY fire crackers would cheer up children too and would not contribute to rising temperatures.

  1. Foot print craft

Diwali is a time when people welcome Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity into their homes. We can help children in making Lakshmi DIY footprints.

  1. Rangoli

One of the most colorful aspects of Diwali is the bright and intricate Rangoli drawn in front of homes! While your child may not be old enough to help out with the real Rangoli, he can spend some quiet time coloring a Rangoli design on paper! Activity Village has some lovely pages for you to download and print.

  1. Food recipes

The salt dough diyas, while though it has ‘dough’ in the name, can’t be eaten. However, these absolutely adorable edible diyas from Little Food Junction can certainly be devoured! Cut out the vegetable shapes and let the kids arrange them on whole wheat crackers, using cheese as ‘glue’.

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