Everyone can be pranked on 1st April 2021 with the below april fools pranks for kids. All pranks are easy & manageable, even the whole family laugh.Easy April Fools Pranks for Kids

15 Easy April Fools Pranks for Kids 2021 | Kids Jokes

1. Just don’t text me—really

If you have access to your child’s mobile device’s passcode, change the primary contact information for his best friend by removing the friend’s number and replacing it with yours. If your child types in his friend’s name, call out, and you receive the post, answer as yourself, maybe with a reminder that he’s on his phone or iPad. Allow for the resulting uncertainty. Just attempt this if you’re brave!

2. Stringy Apples

Find a clean, big drill bit, the handle end of an egg beater, or any metal rod with a diameter of around a pencil or pen. Make a hole in an apple and insert one half of a gummy worm, leaving the “head” visible. As a snack, serve a glossy apple with the worm side hidden in your palm or on a tray. Your child will be relieved to hear that the apple is “candy,” not wormy.

3. Water in a rainbow

If you have any paint pellets leftover from painting Easter eggs? (If not, they can be used in almost every store in America right now.) Apply one just inside or to the underside of the tap of your child’s bathroom faucet with a short, thin strip of duct or electrical tape. The routine in the morning or evening can be fascinating.

4. Funny Chat

Talk to your kid in rhyme, Pig Latin, Shakespearean English, or your best (or worst) foreign accent all day (or as long as you can hold it up). If you just want to go all out, look the part as well.

5. Short Ruminating

Stuff toilet paper, wipes, or cotton balls onto the inside tips of your children’s shoes. They’ll be perplexed as to why their shoes suddenly don’t suit.

6. The Cereal Bowl Scramble

Rearrange items in the kitchen cupboards: cereal in the pans, cups in the silverware box, and so on. It can be as basic or as complex as you want.

7. Sugar-filled Food Freak Out

Has your kid been coveting a sugary, artificial-color-laden breakfast cereal? Purchase a box of sweet cereal, open it, place the sweet cereal on a shelf out of reach, and replace the sweet cereal with styrofoam packing peanuts. With an empty bowl and a milk bottle, set it out for breakfast. To avoid the resulting disappointment, sell the stowed cereal as a special treat later.

8. Vegetable Snacks

This is the best April fools pranks for kids. Carefully remove the chips from the bottom of a single-serving chips container and cover them with baby carrot chips, cucumber slices, or pepper strips. Use double-sided tape to reseal the bag’s rim. At breakfast or lunch, your child would be shocked to see vegetables in the bag instead of chips.

9. Breakfast with broccoli

Until the kids come into the kitchen in the morning, lay out a spread for them—a folded napkin, silverware, a drink…the works. Instead of pancakes or French toast, place broccoli (or another hated vegetable) on their plates with respect. Hopefully, they’ll still be tired enough not to notice the date; if they’re confused or complain, of course, play dumb.

10. Toothpaste with a Savoury Flavour

Replace their Crest or Colgate toothpaste with a bottle of tomato or garlic paste in the toilet.

11. Dirt Test

In a little, clean planter, make a dirt dessert (minus the greasy insects). Request that your children assist you in planting sunflower seeds, and explain that the soil must be checked to ensure that the seeds can thrive. Explain that the only way to measure the soil is to chew it, then take a handful from the surface and shove it into your mouth. Insist on at least a smidgeon of a flavor. Serve mud cake until they’ve figured out it’s Oreos and pudding.

12. A thousand words are worth a thousand picturesApril Fools Pranks for Kids wallpaper

April Fools’ Day pranks for kids– Make a mortifying background picture for your teen’s or tween’s computer, tablet, iPad, or another mobile. It could be a photo of you and your partner kissing, a photo of your child as a naked infant, a photo of them sleeping; you get the idea.

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13. It never hurts to be scared…April Fools Pranks for Kids pic

Easy April fools pranks for kids 2021: Take out the old baby monitor, hold the “baby” side with you, and place the “adult” side where your children are. “Someone is watching!” shriek at them as they do something harmless.

14. Courtney’s Sweets’ meatloaf cupcake muffins are delicious.April Fools Pranks for Kids picture

The kids would presume they’re having dinner for dessert and they’ll look like tasty cupcakes! (For dessert, have a couple of real cupcakes waiting in the wings.)

15. Your children’s beds should be covered with a short mat!April Fools Pranks for Kids image

When I was younger, my grandma did this to me. I got into bed with just a foot or two of sheets on the bed. I laughed the whole time I was making my bed!

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Bonus April Fool Day Pranks

16. Hide in Closet with Mask

Another reader’s sly brother (kids’ uncle) will hide in the closet with a mask on, then call the home phone with his mobile phone and ask the kids to go into the closet and get something. He then shot out at them as they walked in.” The best big kids are uncles!

17. Prepare a breakfast joke for April Fool’s Day!

Fill a bowl halfway with cereal and milk the night before and freeze it. freezing it the night before Pour a little milk on top in the morning to hide the joke, and then prepare your camera for some surprising little faces!