3 Best But Beautiful Diwali Activities for Office

There are many traditions and stories related to the day of Diwali. In many places people celebrate Diwali as it’s also the marriage day of Lakshmi with Lord Vishnu. Many people in Bengal celebrate Diwali to worship Goddess Kali. Here is the list of 3 best beautiful diwali activities for office.

However, the main reason behind celebrating Diwali is to celebrate the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after the long 14-year exile with his wife Sita after defeating the demon-king Ravana who kidnapped Sita in rage of revenge. To celebrate the joyous day of return Lord Rama to his village Ayodhya, people of Ayodhya lights lamps, diyas and firecrackers.

The four days of Diwali has its own significance. Naraka Chaturdashi symbolizes the day of mukti of Narakasura by Lord Krishna and his wife Satyabhama. Amavasya, the second day is celebrated by worshipping Goddess Lakshmi.

Third day of Diwali is celebrated as Govardhan Puja as known as Kartika Shudda Padyami. Fourth day signifies the festival of brothers and sisters known as Yama Dvitiya or Bhai Dooj.

Diwali Festival Date:

Happy Diwali Date 2019: October 27

Diwali Festival Date 2020: November 14

This Year Diwali Date 2021: November 4


Some people burst firecrackers as they believe it to be the sign of enjoyment and joys. They believe that this will make Gods aware of their happiness. Diwali is a festival of give and forgive, rise and shine, unite and unify, prosper and progress, moving from darkness into light.

3 Best But Beautiful Diwali Activities for Office

This year due to covid, people are not able to celebrate Diwali so the everyone is quite sad about it. However, there are many activities that they can do to make their diwali lighted up like every year but in a different way:

1. Find volunteers for office decoration

Use flowers and organic colours and other handicrafts and traditionally printed clothes for the decoration. Don’t burst crackers. Instead of that light some candles or Diyas at the areas where there is no risk of fire. Doing decoration is an activity that requires a bunch of people. So, this reinforces your team coordination activities.

2. Make them groove

After the employees are done with decoration. Either call a Dholwala or play some music inside your office. Pep the party up with the musical chair game.

3. Have a fun photo booth

You can also create a photo booth area, wherein, you can keep various props like a big moustache a big crown, wigs, and praying beads etc. Employees can click photos here and also put their Instagram accounts to best use with boomerangs and superzoom. Even you can have a look to Amazon India available game for this diwali festival.

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